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Physical Services Postponed Indefinitely

Following the guidance of the Government and advice from our denomination, nationally, Baptist Union of Great Britain, and regionally, London Baptist Association, the church leaders regret to announce that our gatherings together in person will need to be put on-hold for the time being, with immediate effect.

This means that our Sunday services will not take place until further notice, along with PCG's, youth/children's activities, House of Prayer, Café Rendezvous and Allsorts. Every gathering of the church and it's groups must temporarily stop to help the national effort to overcome this virus.

Our church still continues to function but we must do so in a different way, and adapt to other means in order to stay in touch with one another and provide the spiritual and pastoral care that is needed.

We have a network of Pastoral Care Groups that have traditionally met twice a month for fellowship, study and prayer. Our PCG's should show their strength at such a time as this, for although they can no longer convene, we encourage group members to stay in contact with one another and offer support and encouragement to other group members. This may be achieved by something as simple as telephoning other group members once a week to see how they are doing and update on any prayer requests. Some of us use various forms of social media and we would encourage those who are able to embrace this technology.

Similarly, for those of us not associated with any particular PCG, we urge you to stay in touch with others in the church by all means available, but avoiding meeting in person.

For those with the appropriate technology, you may wish to consider 'following' the church on Twitter, where announcements are often made public. Our Twitter name is @MertonParkBapt

You can also follow me personally for any announcements: @KeithMPBC

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