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Vision: Serving Christ - Sharing Faith - Shaping Lives

Putting into words what we see as our church’s purpose and the direction we are headed could take a lot of space! To summarise and make it much easier to remember we simply say that at Merton Park Baptist we are about ‘Serving Christ – Sharing Faith – Shaping Lives’.

So here's a more detailed summary for those interested in learning more. A few years ago we, as a church, set about defining our purposes and concluded (like many generations before us) that above everything else, ‘worship’ is our primary activity.

Worship needn’t be restricted too narrowly to the Sunday service activities. It is much more about the way we live every aspect of our lives to the glory of God. Therefore, we want every moment of every day in everything we do or think or say to give pleasure to our Lord. To achieve this...

Pastor Keith Mitchell

Serving Christ

...we acknowledge the headship of Jesus Christ in our lives and do all we can to be good and faithful servants, and helped by the Holy Spirit, we try to act in complete obedience to his commands and teachings as found in Scripture.

This prompts us to be active Christians in our work for the Lord wherever and whatever that may be.

Sharing Faith

Secondly, we believe it is our Christian responsibility to share the good news about Jesus Christ with those we are in touch with through both word and action. Sometimes this involves long-term contact with people through church activity programmes or it may be just an opportunity taken with someone rubbed shoulders with in the street.

We are convinced that God wants all people to know of his love for them and that each Christian has been entrusted with sharing the task of helping others come to believe in Jesus Christ.

Shaping Lives

Finally, as a church we aim to help each other become more like Jesus in character and attitude.

For most of us this means some big changes. However, usually these occur over a period of time, little by little.

It is our hope that by the power of God in our lives, the application of the scriptures and through the help of God’s people we can be continually shaped and reshaped into Christ-likeness.